Youth Shaped Scouting

Young people should be taking on leadership responsibilities and shaping their Scouting experiences.

Building on our work in this area by giving young people opportunities to use their voice is an important part of developing the leaders of the future.

Youth Shaped Scouting

We believe that if young people are shaping their Scouting, the more they will get out of it, and the more likely they are to stay, do well and achieve their top awards.

As part of our Skills for Life plan, by 2023 we will continue to be shaped by young people in partnership with adult volunteers.

How can I achieve this in my Section or Group?
Use these four themes to develop youth shaped Scouting:

Youth shaped activities can easily be implemented into your programme, with fun, exciting activities that develop skills, contribute to badges and give you feedback on your programme.

Why not try a snowball fight, dragons’ den or cool wall from these resources?

Leadership is an important skill we develop in young people in Scouting.

Using Peer Leadership systems, through having Lodge Leaders, Seconders and Sixers, APLs, PLs and SPLs are great starting points and can be used to make your role easier while developing their skills.

All young people can be engaged in Group governance. Our processes and decisions should be influenced by their opinions.

You could try:

  • hold a youth forum to feedback to the Group Executive Committee on an idea.
  • involve young people in the Committee, for example by inviting members of each section to give a quarterly update.
  • involve members of the Committee in weekly Scouting, such as inviting them to a Dragons’ Den activity for Scouts.

This is all about young people aged 18-30 playing an active part in the management of Scouting.

Young people should be encouraged and empowered to take on management roles across the movement and have an active contribution to working groups and project teams at all levels of Scouting. It’s all about aptitude and not age: if a young person has the right skills, knowledge and attitude to perform a role, then age shouldn’t be a blocker.

Within your Group, you could use ‘Wear Their Necker’ to let a young person try an adult’s role for a day.

Your District Youth Team are here to support you with implementing and developing youth shaped Scouting. We can provide ideas, visit your Section to speak to young people, come along to help run parts of your programme or identify, meet and support young people for positions on Executive Committees or sub-committees.

To get in touch please click here to email your District Youth Commissioner.

How youth shaped is our District?
Youth Shaped Scouting

The District Youth Team is involved in the programme aspect of youth shaped Scouting. We run youth shaped activities and youth forums at District events, giving our young people the opportunity to give their feedback on our events, and are here to support Sections and Groups.

The District Youth Commissioner supports management through the District Team, and can provide support to young people in managing roles.

Our governance is also youth shaped, with more than a quarter of the District Executive Committee being aged under 25. The District Youth Commissioner (aged 18-25) and two District Youth Representatives (aged 14-18) attend these quarterly meetings to represent the opinions of the young people of Wolverhampton North.

Any Explorer Scouts or Young Leaders aged between 14 and 18 who are interested in shaping their local Scouting can join the District Youth Team. For more information click here to email your District Youth Commissioner.