Adult Leader ESYL Support

This area is designed for adult leaders for support with the ESYL scheme.


What is Young Leader training?

Young Leader training is set out in modules A-K. Module A is the only compulsory module and must be completed within 3 months of being appointed. Module A covers essential safeguarding information and expectations. The other modules are optional, but equally valuable, covering topics such as behaviour management, programme planning and running games. Completion of all the training modules and missions leads to their top award – the ESYL Belt!!

Keep an eye on the website and social media for training announcements, or send us an email to enquire!

What are Missions?

Missions are opportunities for Young Leaders to put their knowledge into practice. Leaders can support this by providing time in sessions for Young Leaders to run games, activities, sessions and be involved in programme planning. Completion of all the training modules and missions leads to their top award – the ESYL Belt!!

What can Leaders do to Support Young Leaders?

Some ideas to support your Young Leaders include:

  • Ensuring Young Leaders have a YL Logbook and bring this to sessions to work on together. You can contact Ben Barlow should anything be confusing:
  • Encourage Young Leaders to sign up to training or other events – there’s plenty of other Young Leaders in the district to meet and have fun with!
  • Make sure Young Leaders always have an ‘Orange Card’ to hand, it is very useful and supports Young Leaders when they’re unsure!
  • Provide time and space for Young Leaders to take the lead, complete missions and get involved in programme planning.
  • Keep up to date yourself with Young Leader news and events on the website or social media.
What is a Young Leader Logbook?

The Young Leader logbook keeps track of modules and missions – as well as some handy info.

Every Young Leader should have a logbook, if they don’t, they should be provided one by the group. They can be ordered here on the district website. Groups can choose to charge however they want, whether they cover the full cost, subsidise or pass the cost on to the Young Leader.

Do Young Leaders Have to be Explorers?

Yes. The scheme is an extension of the Explorers programme, but Young Leaders don’t have to attend Explorer meetings. All Young Leaders have to be registered with the District Explorer Leader and the District ESYL Leader, this is ideally on OSM – but can be done by email too.

What Should I do When I Enrol a New Young Leader?
  1. The first step is to inform the District Explorer Leader and the District ESYL Leader that you’ve enrolled a new Young Leader.
  2. Next, make sure that the Young Leader has access to an ‘Orange Card’ – these can be ordered from the Scout Store free of charge.
  3. Support the Young Leader in signing up for their mandatory safeguarding module – Module A. Keep an eye out for these here on the website, or email the ESYL team.
  4. Continually support them by allowing them time and space to plan and run activities/games.