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Develop the craft of storytelling through writing. Reach into your imagination and you could be the next Philip Pullman or Cressida Cowell.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Complete four of these activities.

    Talk about your choices with an appropriate adult.

    1. Compose a poem of at least eight lines. Discuss its meaning and construction.
    2. Create a short story of around 600 words.

      Talk about your story idea with an appropriate adult beforehand.

    3. Write a descriptive passage of around 600 words on a subject, agreed with an appropriate adult beforehand.
    4. Write a 600-word review of a favourite book, play or other work of literature and talk about it with an appropriate adult.
    5. Produce a published article of around 600 words in length.

      You could contribute to a school, faith, community or Scout magazine or write a letter to a local paper.

    6. Keep a diary on a subject, for a length of time agreed with an appropriate adult beforehand.
    7. Write a play or dramatic sketch lasting at least 10 minutes.
    8. Interview a local celebrity, or other notable person.

      Write or type out the interview to show the questions you asked and the interviewee’s replies.

    9. Write a letter to a pen pal (real or imaginary) of at least 600 words.