Team Leader Challenge Award


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Learn how to lead by example and take one for the team!

Do these tasks over at least three months:

  1. Successfully lead a Scout team at a camp or all day event.

    You need to:

    • look after the whole Patrol/team
    • help individuals in your team if they need it
    • make sure that your team achieves the goal you have been set
  2. Help a new Scout to be part of the Troop with an understanding of what is expected of them.
  3. Help another Scout to develop a Scouting skill.
  4. Represent the views of other Scouts.

    For example, at a Patrol Leaders’ Council or something similar and report back to them afterwards.


  • This Challenge Award provides the perfect next step for anyone who has enjoyed earning their Teamwork Challenge Award, and wants to develop their leadership skills further.

    Some people may find it useful to complete their Teamwork Award before moving onto their Team Leader Award.