Skills Challenge Award


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Change a tyre. Pen a short story. Cook up a storm. This award is all about gaining new skills.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Try two new sports or physical activities at least once.

    You could try:

    • tennis
    • dance
    • basketball
    • tai chi
  2. Take part in three activities to help you be healthy.

    Activities could include:

    • healthy eating
    • exercise
    • learning how the human body works
    • another activity agreed with your leader
  3. Pick two creative things to try, and show your leader what you’ve done.

    You could:

    • write a short story
    • make a model
    • take some photos and use them to tell a story
    • be part of a play or sketch.
  4. Learn and use at least four of these skills:
    1. sew on a button or badge
    2. make cakes, bread, biscuits or something similar
    3. oil a bicycle chain, change a wheel or fit lights
    4. make a cup of tea or coffee, then wash up afterwards
    5. lay a table for a meal
    6. peel potatoes or other vegetables
    7. iron your scarf
    8. change a lightbulb, in a table or standard lamp
    9. clean a window
    10. tidy and clean your bedroom
    11. another similar home skill agreed with your leader
  5. Take part in at least two problem solving activities that you haven’t done before.

    It should be something that you need to think creatively for. As part of the activity you need to say what you found difficult, what you did to solve the problem, and why.