Paddle Sports Stage 4


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Before you attempt Stage 4, you need to have completed all the steps for Paddle Sports Stage 3.

Choose 1 of the following options:

  1. Complete the following requirements:
    1. Choose two of the disciplines below and paddle your vessel for at least 200m in each:
      • Crew

        Choose from K2 (two-man kayak), K4 (four-man kayak), C2 (two-man canoe), or OC2 (two-man canoe with outrigger).

      • Flat water
      • White water
      • Touring
      • Short boat
      • Ergo
    2. Take part in at least two of the following activities that you have not tried before:
      • Freestyle
      • Marathon
      • Polo
      • Slalom
      • Sprint
      • Surf
      • Time trial
      • Wild water
  2. Gain two of the following British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards:

    More information about the Personal Performance Awards can be found on theĀ British Canoeing website.

    1. Canoe Award
    2. Flat Water Freestyle Award
    3. Polo Explore Award
    4. Racing Explore Award
    5. Flat Water Raft Racing Award
    6. Sea Kayak Award
    7. Slalom Explore Award
    8. SUP Sheltered Water Award
    9. Surf Kayak Award
    10. Touring Award
    11. White Water Award
    12. Wild Water Racing Explore Award