Outdoor Challenge Award


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Build a shelter. Sleep beneath the stars. The Great Outdoors await you.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Take an active part in at least three nights away, on camps or Pack holidays.
  2. While you’re away, work with other Cubs to do all of these tasks:
    1. help to pitch and strike your tent
    2. show that you know how to look after yourself and be safe at camp
    3. show that you know how to keep your tent and kit safe, tidy and secure
    4. cook a meal with your Six
    5. build a shelter big enough for two Cubs
    6. using bamboo canes, rubber bands or simple lashings complete a simple pioneering project or make a camp gadget
    7. learn and follow the Countryside Code
    8. show you know what things you need to do to look after your campsite, and that you can put them into practise
    9. show that you know how to treat mild burns, scalds, cuts or grazes and make a call to the emergency services
  3. While you’re away, do at least two of these tasks as well:
    1. take part in a wide game
    2. take part in a campfire sing-along or other entertainment
    3. cook a backwoods meal
    4. build a bivouac and sleep in it
    5. care for your personal equipment while at camp
    6. using knots that you’ve learned, make a simple camp gadget, like a flagpole