Nautical Skills Stage 3


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How to earn your badge:

  1. Take part in at least two one-hour taster sessions in two different water based activities.

    By the end of the session you should be competent at
    controlling your craft. You could try:

      • canoeing
      • a powered activity like yachting
      • pulling
      • sailing
      • windsurfing.
  2. Show that you know how to act safely in your chosen activity if you are involved in a capsize or man overboard situation.
  3. Show how to check water depth using a method appropriate to your activity so that you don’t ground or beach.

    Try a method normally used in your activity.

  4. Show how to tie a clove hitch, a bowline knot, and a round turn and two half-hitches.

    Explain when these would be used.

  5. Name the parts of one type of watercraft.
  6. Demonstrate and explain what clothing is suitable for the activities used in your chosen activity.
  7. Explain the basic safety rules that apply to your chosen activity.
  8. Explain the difference between a buoyancy aid and a life jacket, when each should be used and how they function.

    Show how they are worn.