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Rain or shine, wind or snow – ignite your passion for the weather.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Explain how each of these are measured:
    1. Wind force and direction
    2. Cloud type and extent
    3. Temperature
    4. Pressure
    5. Rainfall
    6. Humidity
  2. Record the weather conditions every day for two weeks, or once a week for three months.

    Use equipment like a rain gauge or an outdoor thermometer.

  3. Identify different cloud types.

    Describe how they are formed.

  4. What do ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ air masses in summer and winter do to the typical weather in your area?

    Describe the effects on land and sea.

  5. Explain how weather forecasts are created.
  6. Show that you understand a synoptic weather map, including fronts and isobars.

    Explain how the measurements in step 1 relate to the map.