Local Knowledge


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Have an adventure on your very own doorstop! Become a tourist in your hometown! This badge is all about celebrating the streets you call home, and seeing them through fresh eyes.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Do three of the following activities:
    1. Find out about a famous person who lived in or near your area.

      The famous person could be from the past or present. Or you could learn about a famous building, monument, earthworks or other place of historical interest and visit it. Talk about what you find out with your leader or other Cubs.

    2. Collect pictures of your county, borough, district, town or village coat of arms.

      Find out what the coat of arms represents. Try to find as many different places as you can where the coat of arms is displayed. Tell your leader how many you found.

    3. Talk to someone who has lived in your local area for a long time.

      Find out about what life was like when they were young. What changes have they seen in the local area over the years?

    4. Draw a map of your area.

      Mark places of interest on it and, with other Cubs, go on a short walk in your local area. Point out any features of interest to your leader.

    5. Design a poster, leaflet or web page to advertise your area to a visitor.