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At Scouts, we’re proud of our international identity. Join us in celebrating different cultures around the world. Where would you most like to go? What would you most like to see?

How to earn your badge:

  1. Draw or create the World Scout Badge.

    Explain the meaning of each of its parts and talk about the advantages of being part of a global movement of Cub Scouts.

  2. Make, build or draw something to represent a country.

    Include things like its currency, national dress, cultures, customs and languages.

  3. Explore another country’s traditions and culture around food and eating.

    What time do they eat? How do they eat? How do they sit? What do they eat?

  4. Take part in the activities of a celebration or festival that usually takes place in another country.

    Explore why the celebration or festival happens. What are the customs of the event?