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Bubble, boil, sweep and steam! Learn how to keep things tidy and clean!

How to earn your badge:

  1. Plan, cook and serve a simple one-course meal.
  2. Wash up afterwards.

    Show how to clean a saucepan or other cooking utensils, cutlery and glasses. You could use a dishwasher for this step, including loading and unloading it.

  3. Help sort out the washing. Load and unload the washing machine.
  4. Iron at least two items.

    They could be things like pillowcases, t-shirts or trousers.

  5. Sew on a button.
  6. Help to clean and tidy a living room.
  7. Clean at least two items in your home.

    They could be things like a basin or kitchen cupboard, silverware or brass.

  8. Take sheets, pillow covers and the duvet cover off a bed and help to put clean ones on. Make your own bed for a week.