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Take part in a hobby and develop your skills. You could choose to develop your creative and artistic flair, play sports or take part in other pursuits.

Choose one of the two options below. Complete the tasks for your chosen option to achieve this badge.

  1. Option 1:
    1. Take up a hobby or interest that you do not already have an activity badge for.
    2. Keep a record of your hobby for at least four months.
  2. Option 2:
    1. Make a collection or study of objects for at least four months.

      You could collect books or magazines, films, cards, key rings, figurines or similar.

    2. Talk to your Patrol Leader or your Troop about the collection or study you chose.

      Explain why you chose your objects and what you like about them.


  • You can earn more than one Hobbies Badge.
  • A hobby is an activity done regularly in leisure time for enjoyment. This could include reading.