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Discover the exciting adventure of geocaching, where you can enjoy the freedom of being outside and identifying new places. All you require is a handheld GPS device and a sense of fun.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Show that you know about the Global Positioning System (GPS) by explaining:
    1. how it works
    2. ownership and control of the system
    3. its benefits to society
    4. what factors affect its accuracy
  2. Programme a handheld GPS receiver to:
    1. find your location (grid reference, plus latitude and longitude) and record it
    2. enter the grid reference of a local landmark and navigate to the waypoint
    3. enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of a nearby point and navigate to the waypoint.

      Be sure to check the accuracy

    4. walk on a bearing using the GPS and a map
  3. Show that you know the difference between Ordnance Survey, and latitude and longitude coordinates.
  4. Using an Ordnance Survey map (1:25000 or 1:50000 scale) to plan a route of at least 4km that contains a minimum of 10 waypoints.

    Talk about the features and challenges along the route. Programme the route into a handheld GPS and take the journey.

  5. Sign up to a geocaching website.

    Find out about geocaching and show that you understand what’s involved in both locating and placing a geocache.

  6. Show that you understand the safety and environmental aspects of geocaching, such as the Highway Code, Countryside Code and the Geocaching Association of Great Britain (GAGB) guidelines.
  7. Find five geocaches using a GPS. At least three geocaches must be ‘multi-caches’, with at least two waypoints.

    Talk about the GPS receiver’s accuracy of information provided.

  8. With the help of an adult:
    1. plan, assemble and hide two caches, one of which should be a multi-cache.

      Make sure the location is suitable and that other navigators have proper access to the land and terrain

    2. either submit your caches to a geocaching website or give the details to other Scouts so they can find the caches