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Learn about the process behind the food on our plates. You’ll get some hands-on practical experience and develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Choose 1 of the following options:

  1. Farming
    1. Learn about farming practices in your area.
    2. Find out about the organisation, as well as the daily and seasonal operations, of a farm of your choice.

      Make a note of practices relating to livestock, crops, cultivation, rotation, machinery and labour force.

    3. Find photos to demonstrate the changes in farming practices that have taken place over a number of years.

      Explain the reasons for these.

  2. Smallholder
    1. Cultivate an area of garden or an allotment for a specific length of time.

      Agree this beforehand with your leadership team.

    2. Show you’re successful in growing:
      • three kinds of hardy annual flower
      • three kinds of vegetable
      • two kinds of bulbs, herbaceous plants, flowering shrubs or rose
    3. Keep a record of the work you’ve done and the results you’ve achieved.

      This could include height records of the flowers, for example.

  3. Livestock
    1. Keep any kind of livestock for at least three months.

      You could:

      • look after farm animals or birds, and learn how they should be housed, fed and bred as well as their economic uses. Show how to handle them safely and learn about animal welfare.
      • manage a hive. Bring in some of the honey you produce.