Environmental Conservation


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Make a difference a play an active part in improving the environment in your local area. Complete the badge and help protect the environment for future generations.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Find out about an environmental issue that is important to your local community.

    It might be linked to:

    • recycling and conservation
    • energy efficiency in the home or your meeting place
    • the building of new homes and local land use
    • water, light, thermal, air or beach pollution
    • coastal erosion
    • the impact of tourism on the local environment.
  2. Take part in an activity or project that improves local conservation.

    It could take place during a weekend conservation camp or you could spread it over at least five weekly sessions.

    You could look at:

    • recycling
    • reducing energy usage or renewable energy
    • protecting important habitats or wildlife
    • pollution
    • erosion
    • flooding
  3. Get involved in a campaign to make others aware of an environmental issue.

    You could write to your MP and other local agencies or speak to a community group.