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Build, Modify or Repair – Develop your DIY acumen, and learn how to deal with emergencies and tackle DIY projects.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Show you can work safely and know about the following:
    1. hazard symbols and signs (for dangers such as toxic, flammable, irritant, electrical danger or slippery surface)
    2. safety equipment (such as goggles, gloves, masks, ear defenders)
    3. how and where to turn off mains supplies (such as water, electricity and gas) to the house.
  2. Learn how to safely isolate individual electrical circuits at the consumer unit.

    This includes letting other users know that work is being carried out

  3. Show or explain how you would deal with four DIY emergencies.

    For example:

    • unblocking a sink
    • patching a leaking pipe
    • adjusting the float arm of a cistern
    • changing a lightbulb
    • hinge a door back in place
    • fixing a door bell ringer
    • stabilising a wobbly stair rail
    • repairing a tear in clothes or upholstery
    • removing common stains eg ink, wine, and coffee
  4. Take an active part in two major DIY projects, indoors or outside.

    You could:

    • prepare and paint, paper or tile the walls of a room
    • prepare and paint woodwork or furniture
    • fit a curtain track and hang curtains
    • make a freestanding storage unit or put up shelves
    • cover a floor with vinyl overlay, lino, tiles or carpet
    • hang a door and fit or repair locks and other door furniture
    • lay a patio, decking or path
    • build a low wall, barbecue, gate or fence
    • carry out routine service checks on a car, then clean and polish the car
  5. Alternatively, you could do any other projects of a similar skill level.

    Agree what you’ll do with an adult who is skilled in the relevant areas.