Digital Maker Stage 4


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In stage 4 you will demonstrate that you can combine a variety of digital making skills to solve a problem or meet a challenge related to Scouting

How to earn your badge:

  1. Using a combination of programming, digital art, digital devices, electronic components, and other appropriate materials, create something that could serve a purpose in a Scouting activity.
  2. Attend a digital making event and show your work, or help somebody else in your section or another section to work towards a Digital Maker Staged Activity badge.
    1. You could take part in a Raspberry Jam, attend a Code Club, attend a hackathon, or visit a Coderdojo.


  • You can help others to work towards any stage of their Digital Maker Staged Activity badge. If you are an Explorer Scout Young Leader, supporting Beavers, Cubs, or Scouts with their Digital Maker activities would count for this requirement.