Digital Citizen Stage 3


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How to earn your badge:

  1. In a creative way of your choice, map out what digital actions other people take which makes information about you public.

    Discuss with other young people what the positive and negative consequences of this might be, and what actions you can take to protect yourself.

  2. Create something that helps other young people to know what they should do if they’re made to feel uncomfortable online, and where they can find support.
  3. Investigate if the people you interact with most online are similar to you, or different to you (ie what are their ages, genders, ethnicities, hobbies etc?).

    What impact might that have on the views and opinions you see and believe?

  4. Use several online services to research a personal opportunity that excites you but you know little about (such as a new hobby, studying at college or university, or a specific career).
  5. In a team, use a digital collaboration tool of your choice to achieve one of the following:
    1. Something that benefits your Scout Group.
    2. Something that benefits a local charity.
    3. Something that promotes young people’s voices to local decision makers.