Digital Citizen Stage 2


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Complete every task to achieve Stage 2, showing that you have thought about the potential risks and how to stay safe for each activity.

  1. Create a list of rights that you think you should have as a young person when online.

    Find online examples of where you think these rights are respected.

  2. For a week, keep track of how much time you spend online and what you’re doing.

    Looking back over the week, discuss with someone if you’re happy with how you spent your time or not.

  3. Show that you can spot the difference between facts and opinions posted online.
  4. Investigate how people from different backgrounds interact online.

    Share how you’d act differently because of these differences. People might be from different countries, be different ages, have different abilities or amounts of money, etc.

  5. In a team, learn about a topic you care about and share with others what you’ve learnt.

    You must use a mixture of online and offline tools, and discuss which you preferred and why.