Athletics Plus


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Go the extra distance with the Athletics Plus badge and reach new heights.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Run through an appropriate warm up and warm down routine using all the main muscle groups. Explain why both routines are important.
    1. Warm up routine
    2. Warm down routine
  2. Talk about the safety rules for athletics, particularly throwing and jumping events.
  3. Compete in any three events (two track and one field, or vice versa) and gain the points set out as indicated on the score chart below.
    Points 100m 200m 400m 800m 1500m
    10 13.4s 28.0s 64.0s 2.30min 5.10min
    9 14.0s 28.8s 67.0s 2.40min 5.25min
    8 14.7s 31.4s 71.0s 3.00min 5.45min
    7 15.3s 32.6s 75.0s 3.10min 5.50min
    6 15.8s 33.2s 79.0s 3.20min 6.20min
    5 16.3s 34.0s 83.0s 3.40min 6.50min
    4 16.8s 35.5s 88.0s 4.00min 7.30min
    3 17.6s 38.3s 94.0s 4.20min 8.00min
    2 18.3s 40.0s 100.0s 4.40min 8.30min
    1 20.0s 45.0s 120.0s 5.00min 9.30min
    High Jump Long Jump Shot Discus Cricket Ball
    10 1.60m 5.00m 9.5m 35.0m 65.0m
    9 1.40m 4.75m 8.5m 29.0m 55.0m
    8 1.30m 4.40m 7.2m 22.0m 50.0m
    7 1.25m 4.20m 6.5m 17.0m 45.0m
    6 1.20m 4.00m 5.5m 14.0m 35.0m
    5 1.00m 3.75m 4.1m 12.0m 30.0m
    4 0.90m 3.30m 3.7m 10.0m 25.0m
    3 0.85m 2.80m 3.3m 9.0m 20.0m
    2 0.80m 2.45m 2.8m 8.5m 15.0m
    1 0.75m 2.10m 1.8m 6.0m 10.0m


    Minimum points total for the award of badge:
    Age Points
    Under 11 6
    Under 12 9
    Under 13 13
    Under 14 17
    Under 15 22