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Express yourself! Stretch your imagination and discover the artist within you.

Choose one of the following options:

  1. Artist
    1. Paint, draw or illustrate each of these:
      • a scene from a story
      • a person or object
      • a landscape
    2. Show a selection of your own recent work.
  2. Arts enthusiast
    1. Choose a favourite art form or artist to take an active interest in.

      It doesn’t have to be painting – it could be pop music, sculpture, theatre, architecture, break dancing or anything similar.

    2. Describe two visits you have made that are connected to your interest.

      You can use photographs, films, recordings, concert programmes, ticket stubs, newspaper reviews or websites to illustrate your point.

    3. Show that you know a lot about an aspect of your interest.

      You could talk about a particular piece of art, like a painting, performance, sculpture or building. Or you could discuss a particular person or historical period connected with your chosen art form.

    4. Make a list of major events, exhibitions or venues connected with your chosen subject.

      Talk about why the items on your list are important.