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Develop your angling acumen, the sense of pride from reeling in a big catch to the enjoyment from being outside and close to the water’s edge.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Learn the water safety rules and the proper precautions to take when fishing from the bank, shore line, or from a boat.
  2. Learn the basic hygiene precautions to take when fishing.
  3. Go fishing at least four times in two different places.

    Make a note of:

    • the number of fish you caught
    • species and size of your fish
    • your method, tackle and bait used
    • the weather and water conditions.
  4. Choose the correct equipment and method for where you plan to fish.
  5. Learn to assemble a rod, reel or pole.
  6. Choose the right form of bait, lure or fly for your planned fishing activity.
  7. Show you can cast correctly and accurately into a target area a suitable distance away, depending on the equipment you are using.
  8. Tie at least three different knots for your chosen method of fishing.
  9. Show how to correctly handle a fish, unhook it and return it into the water.
  10. Explain how different species of fish have different habitats.

    Talk about how this, and weather conditions, can affect your method of fishing.