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Scout Activity Centres thrive on team work, friendship and outdoor adventure. Develop your campsite management skills and help the centres continue to inspire.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Help the warden or manager and work for at least five days at a permanent District, County or National Scout campsite.

    Alternatively, you can do this work at a similar activity centre.

  2. Explain and show how to use three items of equipment that you’ve used in your work with the activity centre.

    Show or talk about how you maintain the equipment.

  3. Choose four of these to explain and if possible demonstrate:
    1. the use of computers in campsite management
    2. how to take care of campers’ needs while respecting wildlife
    3. how to prevent frozen pipes and what to do if an overground pipe bursts or leaks
    4. the need for good site drainage and clear ditches
    5. rubbish disposal and how to recycle materials wherever possible
    6. the reasons for having clean toilets
    7. how to unblock a drain
    8. how to use and maintain equipment for an activity you have become familiar with
    9. other important tasks that the warden or manager has pointed out
  4. Talk about developments and improvements you would like to see at a permanent campsite.

    It could be the one you worked at or another one you know well.